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Say Goodbye to Painting

Say Goodbye to Painting

Gone are the days of painting your new house. The use of different vinyl siding styles has brought out a revolution in the exterior coating technology for residential and commercial properties alike. In the context of United States & Canada, vinyl siding is currently the most popular material for siding. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 33% of all new homes built in 2013 used vinyl siding. The composition and process of manufacturing vinyl siding has gone through a dramatic improvement since the technology was first introduced back in 1950s. More homeowners are now routing for vinyl siding instead of conventional painting because of the low maintenance, durability and impressively beautiful appearance. If you’re looking for vinyl siding services in North Haven, you’re in absolutely safe hands here at Sidetex!

Variable thicknesses, rail types, sizes and colors are available for vinyl siding. The main composition of the vinyl siding used for homes is 80% PVC resin and the remaining 20% materials are blended based on panel thickness and vinyl siding colors. This particular composition has made your options are literally endless. You can choose your favorite color, texture, gloss and even the durability of the siding on the basis of your decisions while choosing the panels. Let’s check out some of the basic advantages of vinyl siding over painting.

Why Should You Choose Vinyl Siding Over Painting?


Vinyl siding can withstand strong winds, resist heat, cold, rain and still retain its actual appearance for years. Their confirmed longevity can be assessed from the lifetime warranty offers for the material and installation by so many vinyl siding manufacturers.


It’s an absolutely green solution to the external appearance of your house or commercial property. Its environment friendly and economic performance has outrun that of most exterior claddings. Insulated siding comes with the added advantage of better energy efficiency. It can reduce thermal bridging and Energy Star has added insulated siding on the list of requirements for qualifying a house as an ENERGY STAR? Qualified Home.

Affordability & Installability

Vinyl siding is a very cost effective technology and has the lowest life cycle cost than any other exterior claddings. The lightweight material of vinyl siding makes it extremely easy to install. It’s great for retrofitting and due to the easy installation procedures, the labor costs are low too.


One of the best advantages of using vinyl is that it needs very low maintenance. It does not require to be painted and all you need to keep it sparkling, is an annual power wash or pressure wash using mild soap and water. Since vinyl siding is composed of PVC, it’s not susceptible to cracking, rotting or damage my insects.


Vinyl Siding Institute states that it is one of the very few materials which are compliant with the requirements of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) for data transmission and electrical cables insulation. So vinyl siding ensures perfect safety for your home and business.

Vinyl siding is a gorgeous and attractive option for siding. Here at Sidetex, we are proud to offer you a huge inventory of different vinyl siding color combinations, types and styles. Our aim is to provide you the best siding experience to improve the ecstatic appeal of your home and at the same time, cut down the total life cycle maintenance cost. We are a team of highly experienced and trained professionals ready to satisfy your needs for a new siding on your home or office.

If you’re interested to learn more about our vinyl siding services, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away and we’ll be happy to provide the perfect solution to your siding requirements. Happy siding!

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